Congestion at Junction 26 M8

We have been in discussion with Renfrewshire Council regarding the significant congestion at peak afternoon times which has come about over recent weeks at Junction 26. This has at times caused the junction to “lock” with tailbacks down Hillington Road and onto other estate roads.

The roads department at the Council are fully aware of the problem and are investigating the causes. Plans are being developed to adjust the traffic light programmes and introduce yellow boxes to prevent key circulation areas of the junction being blocked by vehicles. The timing for such work is not known as yet but the Council are treating the issue as a priority. In the interim we can help the situation by trying to avoid blocking lanes at the roundabout junction and enabling other traffic to circulate as efficiently as possible.

We would like to reassure our occupiers that the Management Team will maintain contact with key personnel with the Council to seek a satisfactory solution to the current problems. If you have any particular comment or questions then please relay these direct to the roads department at Renfrewshire Council.

Hillington Park Management Team