Nalytics puts the 'power of discovery’ into the hands of lawyers

Nalytics, the search and discovery tool from Nalanda Technology has recently launched into the legal sector.

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), Nalytics is the first complete search and discovery platform that enables any individual, business user or organisation to easily and quickly search and analyse all their unstructured data such as emails, spreadsheets, word documents or pdf files, in minutes.

With staff working in the Netherlands, USA, England and Scotland, Nalytics has also appointed two new Business Development Managers to focus on the UK legal sector. The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) across the legal sector means Nalytics is perfectly placed not only to support more accurate decision making across a law firm, but also enables significant cost savings through reduced overheads and management time.

David Rivett, COO of Nalytics says: “Nalytics delivers real benefits across all aspects of legal activities – contract analysis, M&A (due diligence), disclosure, litigation, data preservation or research. We are working directly with a number of law firms across the UK and Europe and Nalytics is assisting them in managing millions of documents.

“Putting the ‘power of discovery’ into the hands of lawyers, without the complexity and costs of other solutions in the market today, Nalytics can be up and running in a law firm within 24 hours.”
Full-service commercial law firms, such as Hull based Gosschalks Solicitors, achieved significant cost savings and effectively managed the migration of their legacy data through implementing Nalytics.

The company are also finalists in the 2017 Enterprise Awards which celebrate and recognise the very best of the UK’s technology entrepreneurial talent.

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